Japan Primary Care Association Disaster Relief Project
Primary Care for All Team (PCAT)

In response to the earthquake that struck the Northeast Japan on M arch 11, 2011, Japan Primary Care Association has established a new branch, Primary Care for All Team (a.k.a. PCAT), to conduct a medical relief work.

The role of PCAT in the disaster relief will evolve as the community's health need changes over time.

Thus far, there are three goals:

1) To send multidisciplinary health team to supportevacuees in shelters and temporary housings to ensure their recovery and good health. Teams have been not only providing medical care but also working with local government, public health and medical community to improve evacuees health, nutritional status as well as oral health.
2) To send medical personnel in the disaster struck area to provide a long-term support to the local existing physicians, so that the communities can have a strong primary care access.
3) To provide training and opportunities for medicalstudents and other young volunteers to be involved in the relief work, so that they can become future leaders in domestic and international relief work.

Current medical need in the disaster struck areas are starting to switch from the management of acute illnesses/trauma to the management of chronic diseases. As we transition from an acute phase to a subacute phase in the disaster medicine, more people are currently having an acute exacerbation of their chronic diseases. M ultidisciplinary medial team will be essential to support these conditions since many factors contribute to evacuees health.

Furthermore, it is an imperative to ensure disease prevention and good public health as the disaster recovery is expected to take for a long time.

As an academic organization that represent primary care, we strongly believe that our actions can bring positive impacts.

We humbly hope that our emphasis on the continuity of care and the comprehensive views toward disease management will create lasting momentum in this recovery process.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we would like to express our need for your gracious financial support.

We have asked the JPCA members' donation to support the PCAT in the coming weeks and months, however, we are still underfunded to continue our long expected activities.

We truly appreciate your generous support to overcome this unprecedented disaster.

Please kindly click on the link below to access the PayPal account.

Below is the updated information regarding our relief activities.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely yours,

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